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20 January

The King of Yellow Butterflies

The Lexington High School Concert Choir/Jason Iannuzzi

Carnegie Hall, New York, NY

2:00 pm


21 January

The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass

The Milledgeville Singers/Trey Harper/Monroe Crossing

366 Log Cabin Rd. NE, - Hotline: 478-452-3950

7:00 pm


3 March

My People Are Rising

Canzona Women's Ensemble/Cricket Handler/Jill Anderson

United Methodist Church, San Luis Obispo, CA

3:00 pm


10 April

The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass

The Cantata Singers/Will Wickham/Monroe Crossing

Watkins Glen Performing Arts Center, 906 N. Decatur Street - Hotline: 607-796-5034

Time: TBA


4, 5 May

My People Are Rising

Peninsula Women's Chorus/Martín Benvenuto

St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 600 Colorado Ave, Palo Alto, CA

2:30 pm (May 4)

4:00 pm (May 5)


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